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CEK Association


CEK Association is a member of the SKGB the governing body of Scottish Karate, which is itself a member of the WKF (World Karate Federation). In addition to this CEKA are also members of FEW (Federation European Wadokai) and JKF (Japan Karatedo Federation).


The Association's style of karate is Wado-Kai based and promotes the sport of karate to anyone from children to adults who wish to learn this fine martial art which teaches the true values of respect, honour, sportsmanship and friendship all of which make a true karateka.


Competition is strong within the Association but we also welcome those who simply wish to train and learn the skills that will benefit anyone who takes up this sport to be a better, stronger and healthier person. The sport is open to male or female participation and have  no barriers to age or physical ability, everyone is welcome.

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