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CEK Association


Every member of the association requires to hold a valid licence which is must be be renewed  yearly if still training with any clubs associated with the federation. All licences expire on the 31st January and application forms will either be handed out by your club or can be download from the link on the right.

This licence record book is used to hold various details relating to the licensed individual as follows:


  • Contact details (name, address etc.)
  • Passport style photo
  • Kyu gradings achieved
  • Dan gradings achieved
  • Competition attendance stamps
  • Yearly license receipt


It is important that every member looks after their licence book as this is the only record of your progress through the various belts and a record of how many competitions you have attended (maximum space for 60 stamps). If a book is lost then a replacement can be organised however we can not guarantee you will get all your attendance stamps back and there may be a small administrative charge to cover the cost of the book.

CEK Association

Licence Application Form